Working for more than 20 years with computer systems gave a deep and good knowledge for IT environments with highly developed skills in problem analysing and implementation of successful  solutions.  Good  overview  in  the  server/storage market  and  modern  technologies,  along  with  strong customer  facing  and  management  skills  made  a  solid  and dependable  team  player  and  leader.  An  experienced, reliable,  and  trustworthy  critical  thinker who  never  lost  his deep  technical  interest  and  passion  with  a  proven  entrepreneurial approach towards objectives and tasks.

As a consultant being focused on UNIX environments I’ve been working for years with open systems. My technical emphasis was and is Solaris. I am employed as a technical sales and presales engineer and responsible for Oracle on Oracle integrations. Certified for Solaris, SPARC systems and Sun’s/Oracle’s storage line.



(a.k.a. PRESSY)