Solaris p2v

Just had another fun with a p2v conversion migrating an old e2900 with 12 US-IV+ CPUs to a small LDOM on a T5-8 with 2 cores… and guess what, it runs perfect and much faster then before on the big iron…

And with application data on SAN LUNs it only took about 5 minutes downtime to map the disks to the guest and start the application again..

My notes:

LDOM p2v

a short summary how to migrate a solaris server to a LDOM

First create a default configuration file on the target server

target # more /etc/ldmp2v.conf
# Virtual switch to use
# Virtual disk service to use
# Virtual console concentrator to use
# Location where vdisk backend devices are stored
# Default backend type: "zvol" or "file".
# Create sparse backend devices: "yes" or "no"
# Timeout for Solaris boot in seconds

now copy the "ldmp2v" script from the target server to the solaris client and start the collect phase. the rest is done on the target server, that's all

source # ldmp2v collect -d /mnt/src-svr1
target # ldmp2v prepare -b disk -B /dev/dsk/c0t60060E801653CE00000153CE00001520d0s2:src-svr1-vol0:src-svr1-hdd0 -c 8 -M 32g -m /:40g -m swap:4g -m /var:8g -o keep-hostid -p primary-vds -d /export/collect/src-svr1 src-svr1
target # ldmp2v convert -i /downloads/new/sol-10-u11-ga-sparc-dvd.iso -d /export/collect/src-svr1 -x skip-ping-test src-svr1

Oracle’s x86 beast – X5-8

Just read an announcement about the brand new Oracle X5-8 server.

Oracle will be one of the few vendors with an 8 socket Intel based server. This beast runs up to 144 Xeon cores based on E7-8895 v3 CPUs with 6 TB memory and 16 PCIe Gen3 slots.

server_x5-8Read more about at Josh Rosen’ Blog.

Standard Edition 2 ?!?

Oracle published a new MOS announcement saying with the beginning of Oracle Database, Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition One (SE1) are replaced by Standard Edition 2.

SE2 will support 2 socket systems and is RAC aware. So it seems, that it will be allowed to run on two 2 socket servers (which reflects 4 sockets) and not more.

That would affect customers running SE on 4 socket systems…
And it seems that SEO and SE installation will need to be migrated to SE2, what ever that will mean in $€’s… Costs are expected between SEO and SE, but as usual on the higher end…

Let’s see what will happen….

Link to MOS:
2027072.1 Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2 (