Standard Edition 2

Some words about the new Standard Edition 2 (SE2) …
SE2 will replace the current SE One and SE based on the same pricing as SE had (list price € 15.194,- per socket) and will also be licensed on system sockets (not on cores like EE). RAC is included but no other options or packs are available. Minimum named users are 10 NUPs per Server.
SE2 may be installed on servers with a maximum of two sockets. When running as RAC each server may only have 1 socket installed and the maximum are also two sockets, so two servers. On two socket servers, you “may” remove the second CPU or you can bind it with a certified hardware partitioning method like OracleVM for SPARC and x86, Solaris Container or AIX LPARs… (No VMware, no HyperV or KVMs).
Technical is it a 12c (>= and has a new resource cap with a maximum of 16 threads per server / DB installation, or 8 threads per node in a RAC.
All of this means, no SE setups on four socket machines and no two socket RAC nodes anymore. No cheap SEO which was at 1/3 of SE but yes, for that, you got a thread limitation. And be careful with NUPs, SE/SEO NUPs were per company, now they are per server.
SE/SEO support will end on 1st of September 2016 and will start directly with a sustaining support.
A lot of customers will not be very happy with this new product….