Oracle Hard Partitioning with Oracle Linux KVM

Just found the official note reading “Oracle Partitioning Policy” that Oracle KVM is now supported as Hard Partitioning (!).
“For sure” it is only supported with Oracle Linux KVM in a “special” documented setup:
Hard Partitioning Implementation with Oracle Linux KVM and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

A similar setup like it was on OVM with Xen – a management server called “Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager” with an Oracle script called “olvm-vmcontrol” to set the core pinning on KVM compute nodes.

As it seems it is still like the Xen environment free to use – but if you want support on 3rd party hardware you will have to buy Oracle premier support (not basic); but the KVM manager is listed as a premier supported feature – with OVM Xen you had to buy an own contract for OL and OVM.

These are good news because the Xen implementation will run out of support soon -> MAR2021 premier support for OVM3.x will end.
And as you could see around OOW19 all new products came out with KVM rather than Xen… Oracle Cloud is not running on Xen and EXA-X8M & ODA-X8 where announced running KVM virtualization (only PCA X8 on-prem lags behind which might be changed soon…)

I would say, Xen was ok – but the OVM Manager was horrible… hopefully that will change now with the new “OLVM”…

Hope we will see Solaris 11 x86 support as a guest soon!

2 thoughts on “Oracle Hard Partitioning with Oracle Linux KVM”

  1. once installed the OLVM is not so bad – do not try to install on the same host as the KVM. Not VMware at all – but a few big steps above LDOMs.

    The problems is that I am very familiar with the old disk and networks stuff that made LDOMs a challenge – OLVM gets deep into the weeds of certs and keys and repositories – time to learn new tricks.

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