Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU1 is out!

We got the first SRU for Solaris 11.4! Now you can find the 11.4 stream in your “standard” support repository and upgrade easily to the latest version:

root@psvsparc1:~# pkg publisher
solarisstudio               origin   online F
ha-cluster                  origin   online F
solaris                     origin   online F
root@psvsparc1:~# pkg list -af entire | head -4
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
entire (solaris)                                  11.4-        ---
entire (solaris)                                  11.4-       ---
entire (solaris)                                  0.5.11-    i--
root@psvsparc1:~# pkg list -af ha-cluster-framework-full@latest
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
ha-cluster/group-package/ha-cluster-framework-full (ha-cluster) 4.4-0.21.0                 ---

This version should include all patches and mostly all IDRs from 11.3 SRU35…

GoGoGo, let’s feel the future 🙂

root@t7primary01:~# pkg list entire@latest
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
entire                                            11.4-        i--
root@t7primary01:~# uname -a
SunOS t7primary01 5.11 sun4v sparc sun4v

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