Solaris Dashboard – First Look

Oh… I am really looking forward to getting more information about that new Solaris 11.4 dashboard and internal stats command. Just a quick view with:

# svcadm enable webui/server

gives you a nice BUI to click around at https://<IP:6787> with some drilldowns and nice graphs… (btw; that the old sun management console port 🙂 )

not there what fishwork’s ZFSSA BUI can do, but I hope some of that analytic drilldowns will also be possible on native Solaris soon.

Quick screener from my installation, but well… right now the ldom does nothing…


This might be a good  “single pane of glass” view to get a health report without any additional frameworks like nagios or similar external tools. I am really interested how this will look and feel on a production server…

On the first look, you could do a lot… but I need a server who is doing something to really click around… will have to find some testing stuff 🙂

A lot to customize if you want that…


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