Solaris SMF and FMA Notifications

I never realized that there is a really easy way to “monitor” your Solaris in a way to use build-in SMF and FMA monitors and send a mail in case of diagnoses.

# svccfg setnotify problem-diagnosed
# svcadm enable http:apache24
# mv /etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf /etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf_bu
# pkill httpd
# svcs -xv
svc:/network/http:apache24 (Apache 2.4 HTTP server)
State: maintenance since Fri May 24 11:51:19 2019
Reason: Method failed.
See: man -M /usr/apache2/2.4/man -s 8 httpd
See: /var/svc/log/network-http:apache24.log
Impact: This service is not running.

uhhh… got mail:

SUNW-MSG-ID: SMF-8000-YX, TYPE: Defect, VER: 1, SEVERITY: Major
EVENT-TIME: Fri May 24 11:51:19 CEST 2019
SOURCE: software-diagnosis, REV: 0.2
EVENT-ID: e0114186-cd70-4085-84aa-802b091a399e
DESC: Service svc:/network/http:apache24 failed - a start, stop or refresh method failed.
AUTO-RESPONSE: The service has been placed into the maintenance state.
IMPACT: svc:/network/http:apache24 is unavailable.
REC-ACTION: Run 'svcs -xv svc:/network/http:apache24' to determine the generic reason why the service failed, the location of any logfiles, and a list of other services impacted. Please refer to the associated reference document at for the latest service procedures and policies regarding this diagnosis.

Nice… you could set several tags like problem-diagnosed, problem-updated, problem-repaired, problem-resolved, to- or from- (maintenance, from-online, to-degraded) or all for every transition.

And it would also work for specific services:

# svccfg -s application/myservice setnotify problem-diagnosed

Easy, isn’t it?

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